Sunday, September 14, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame........

So for Andy's 11th birthday, we got him tickets to the Cincinatti Reds and Chicago Cubs game. Since he was a tiny boy, he's been a HUGE Cubs fan- we used to have to call Chicago "ORD" (their airport code, J worked for an airline back then) because if Andy heard the word Chicago he'd go NUTS!

Needless to say he was THRILLED! So last Sunday he and Jamie drove to Cincinnati and Andy got to see his beloved Cubbies in person! They lost 4-3, but he loved it anyway!
The next weekend we had his "friends" party- all he wanted to do was play football in the yard!

They all had a great time, even though Andy threw his only football onto the roof and it got stuck and they ended up having to play kickball!

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Shannon Pickens said...

What a great birthday present? Sorry the Cubs lost but the memories last forever. Happy Belated Birthday Andy!