Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th!

Ok, so I'm a day late, but honestly, that seems to be the way my life goes!

We spent the holiday cleaning house and moving Alec's bedroom downstairs into Andy's bedroom! They actually wanted to share rooms again, how crazy is that? So while I swept and scrubbed and cussed at the amount of crap these kids leave in their wakes, Jamie carried all the toys and furniture and assorted junk down the stairs. Their room looks very nice, everything is in it's place, the beds are actually made, and you can walk through the room barefoot and not get impaled by anything! Now, did they sleep in their room last night? Well of course not, Alec fell asleep on the living room floor watching J play Sims Pets on the Wii and J caved and let them sleep in the living room. Again.

We had our friends Keith and Jen and their adorable kids over for dinner last night and had lots of fun! We had way too much food, which we all did our best to eat all of! I made Broccoli Salad, which is SOOO yummy, and we have LOTS of leftovers! I think we'll be sick of it before it's gone, I really did make way too much!

Jamie went back to work today, he's been home since he got back from MS last Friday and hasnt been at work since the end of May. He had something like 280+ emails to deal with, I bet he deleted most of them! Kate woke up and looked for him first thing this morning, then had a fit when I told her he wasn't here. She's calmed down, but I'm sure if one of us mentions his name she'll freak out again!

Today's plans?? Hit the library (I have a book I requested being held for me and today's the last day they'll hold it), maybe get to Krogers (they're having a sale on my beloved green tea- buy 2 get one free, that's over $5 in savings! haha), laundry, figure out dinner... Andy hasn't seen any of his friends since J got home last week, so I know he'll be asking for them before too long. Alec's best friend and his family left for a week-long vacation to Disney today, so he'll be bored I'm sure.

Speaking of Alec, here's an update on his meds and behavior. His Risperdal (for the ADHD) has been increased one notch to .5 mg (he was on .25 for a month, that's the lowest dosage) and he's still taking 5ml of Depakote (for the Bipolar disorder). We got back next Monday for a medcheck for the Depakote, I'm guessing it'll be increased, too. (5ml is the lowest dosage). We go next Wednesday to see his new child psych in Columbus, I really wanted to see someone closer, an hour each way is a lot, but our pediatrician wants us to see someone that specializes in children and this is the closest practice. I don't care, though, if it helps, an hour is a small price to pay. His behavior hasn't really improved at all. He still has "meltdowns" every day, but he apologizes quickly and at least realizes that he's done it. I still see a huge difference if he gets a nap every day. He usually has a screaming fit when I tell him it's time for a nap, but once he's "over" it and lays down he's usually asleep within minutes. I've started having a lot of problems with the way Andy relates to Alec. Usually Andy is very mild-mannered and sweet and kind, but he's getting to be a "pre-teen" (he tells me, anyway) and he's been instigating arguments a lot lately. He knows which buttons to push with Alec and he pushes them all! I'm trying to help Andy learn to deal with this, and I know Alec makes me crazy, but I can't handle all of them going crazy at the same time. Andy tells me all the time that it isn't fair, and I know that, but like the rest of us, he's going to have to deal.

That's it for now!