Friday, September 5, 2008

School IN!!!

So this is the kids' first week of school, and boy have I enjoyed the quiet! Well, at least the quiet mornings...

Andy is now in 5th grade. So far he hasn't said much about it, he has a couple of buddies in his class, lots of "nerds" (according to him). He's also playing football this fall, TACKLE football- and let me tell you, it'll be all I can do not to run on the field and beat the poor kid that knocks my baby down! No, I'm not really going to be that bad, but I'm not making any promises yet!

Alec is now in 3rd grade. So far he's told me all about the girls in his class and not much else! Yes, my boy is a total ladies-man! He seems to really like school so far, he's not crazy about math, but he loves reading (yep, he's my boy!). He's playing soccer this fall and has his first game tomorrow!

Kate is in 4K 5 mornings a week at the school at our church. She likes it, but would like it better if I'd stay with her! She doesn't cry in the mornings, which I'm VERY glad about, but she doesn't want me to leave. Her teachers are great, though, they're always quick to get her involved with something so that I can sneak out. She comes home full of crazy stories (this week she's been acting like a pirate, complete with plastic eye patch and a hearty, "AARRGHHH, ladies" (instead of MATEYS) and is quick to tell me which of her friends has a "boyfriend". Not sure what that means to a 4-year-old, but it's funny to hear her to talk about!

School for me starts on 9/22 and I'm SO excited! It almost seems crazy that I'm finally starting clinicals, I've been waiting forever! My schedule for the first quarter is pretty easy, luckily I'm only taking one class- Mondays 8-8:50, Tuesdays 9-9:50, Wednesdays 10-10:50 and 1-2:50, off on Thursdays and Fridays 7-1:50.

This weekend is Andy's birthday party- a house full of boys playing football, should be fun! I'll post pictures in a couple of days...