Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cleveland airshow

So in addition to everything else, we also took the kids to the Cleveland Air Show this summer! It was an easy drive up there, drove right to the Burke airport, but it took us almost as long to find parking as it did to get there! It was worth it, though, and the kids (and Jamie) had a great time! The Blue Angels were scheduled to fly at 4:30 the day we were there, but it was incredibly hot and unbelievably crowded so we left about 3:30. I have no idea exactly which planes these pictures are of, but the boys loved them and Andy is the one that took most of them!

They had a neat thing- a Shockwave Jet Truck- it's a jet engine on a semi, goes something like 300+ MPH in around 6 seconds! With everything else that was there, I really think the boys liked this the best!

They also had the Army's Golden Knights Paratroopers! The last time I saw them was at an airshow in Charleston WV when Andy was a month old, it was very neat to see them again!

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