Sunday, December 30, 2007

Time flies!

Wow, I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of the year! Andy told me tonight that he thinks the year has gone by too fast, I told him to wait till he's my age, you blink and all of a sudden your baby is 11 and you're OLD!

So let's see, what's new with the Stovers???

Christmas was lots of fun! We pretty much spent 3 days in our jammies, always my favorite way to be! The kids got to open a couple of their presents early, namely their snow bibs and snow boots, but of course they wanted to open the traditional one gift on Christmas Eve! Jamie was up at 6:30 Christmas morning asking if I thought he should get the kids up! I said no, but was overruled, so we were up early! Santa brought sleds for everyone, but we haven't gotten to use them yet! He also brought Webkinz for the boys and a Strawberry Shortcake for Kate, they were all happy! They all got way too much, lots of neat toys and lots of clothes for all of them.

We've spent the week breaking in their toys and playing, enjoying their time off from school! Tomorrow Jen, Keith and the kids are coming over for New Years, I'm sure we'll eat ourselves silly and be in bed way before midnight! Jen and I spent 2 days making TONS of cookies last week, of course they're long gone now, and we're already planning our menu for tomorrow! I'm almost ready for the holidays to be over so I can stop eating!
I'm going to start a new family tradition this year- a time capsule! I've told the kids to think about what they want to put in it, and when we put our Christmas stuff back for the year I'll stick our time capsule in with it, then we'll open it next Christmas! I've been keeping all the Christmas cards we've gotten for several years now and it's always fun to go back and look at them, especially the pictures. I'm not sure yet what my contribution will be, definitely pictures of the kids and animals from throughout the year, but otherwise I havent decided yet.
So this week Jamie and the kids are home until Wednesday, then it's back to normal. I'm almost ready for it, it's been nice having them all home but I'm ready for everything to get back on track. I start school next week, Chemistry, English and Speech (I think, cant remember!). I'm absolutely dreading Chem, but I was dreading Microbiology, too, and I aced it and actually enjoyed it. I'm entertaining the idea of going back to work part-time, I havent found anything I want to do yet, though. I'd love to get on at the hospital 3rd shift, that way I'd have hospital experience, even though the patient care would be very limited, and I could still be home during the day. Kate really needs to be around other kids, so I think a few days of preschool would be good for her. Who knows what'll happen, I guess we'll see!
I noticed I haven't updated anyone on Alec and his "issues" in a while. He's now taking 40mg of Strattera at night and .25mg of Risperdal in the mornings, and they're working really well for him! He still has meltdowns, but only when he's really tired, and their severity and duration are much less than they used to be. He starts therapy next week with a Psychiatrist in Columbus next week, and I have high hopes for this attempt since the rest of his issues seem to be under control. I'm a little concerned about the possibility of having to drive to Columbus once a week, it's an hour one way and I dont want him to have to miss a day of school a week, so I'm anxious to see what they say about that next week. He has really blossomed this year in school, both socially and academically! His grades are excellent and his teacher says he's their class's best reader! I can see him at recess from my kitchen, and he plays and runs around just like the other kids, VERY nice to see! He's even having sleep-overs with one of his friends, a first for him! I love this kid so much, and it's been such a long road to this point, so I'm so happy to see him finally being able to be a normal kid.