Friday, March 28, 2008

Just what I needed- another way to waste time on the computer!

Ok, so my cousin and BFF Kathy (hey Kathy!!) sent me a link to a program (service?) I saw several months ago and forgot about- Oh my gosh, I was up till 1am last night playing with it! Here's what you do- download their program (service?), register, click things you're interested on a list, then when you're all set up, you just click a little button at the top of your screen that says "Stumble". How cool- it gives you a different website every time and all related to whatever you said you're interested in! I clicked things like K-12 education, optical illusions (the boys love those), cooking, art, and it has given me some really cool sites! Here are some of the ones I've liked the most: this one teaches you all about how to make those really intricate Chinese knots, you never know when you'll use that kind of info! I love these kinds of things, they're so cute and can't be that hard to make, right?? The boys loved this one, they were amazed! Hello- easy kid-made Mother's Day presents! VERY funny, Kate and I had fun laughing at some of these! because everyone that knows me knows I LOVE catalogs! Because, seriously?

So try it for yourself, see what kind of neat/odd/funny/gross/stupid things you can find!

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