Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter, Stover-style!

So coloring the eggs went well! I always worry when we mix dye and Stovers, but there were minimal messes and everything Cloroxed nicely! Jamie found a neat thing- it's like a top, but you put in a boiled egg, a few drops of the color that came with it, close the lid and pump the top. The egg gets bumped around and the color ends up looking marbled- very pretty!
The kids were very excited Easter morning! The EB left them lots of candy, plus movies for all 3, Webkinz for the boys and a Wonder Pets boat for Kate.
Church was great, we had a very nice sermon that made me cry! The boys stayed with us instead of going to children's church, so hopefully they got a lot out of it, too. It was hard picking clothes for K and I, I was dying to wear something spring-y, but it was in the 20s outside! Didn't manage to get any good pix, either- she was NOT cooperating! Same as usual, I guess!

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The Pickens' Family said...

I can't beleive how much they have grown. Hope you guys had a nice Easter!