Wednesday, January 9, 2008

...and then we played a great game of fetch!

So Kate's been pretending to be a dog. A lot. To the point that she licks the top of her drinks and ate a cracker off the floor "like Molly does". It's cute, and I guess there are worse things she could be pretending to be, so I've played along.

Yesterday it was beautiful outside- 60 degrees, blue skies, breezy- so I had the back door open. She was crawling around barking as usual, and every once in a while she'd go out onto the patio and look for ladybugs (nothing to do with dogs, but that's her other favorite activity). I was just in the kitchen and I could hear her, but not see her. She came back in from one trip outside hitching at the waist of her jammies and told me, "Doggy pee-peed outside". Yep, she tinkled on the patio! I didn't see it, but I can just imagine her going outside and squatting like Molly does! I'm just glad no one was on the playground at the elementary school, especially not Alec! Poor kiddo- "Look, there's my little sister! That one right there, the one peeing on the patio!"

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Jen said...

That's gotta be the best Katie story ever! You need to write that one down in the baby book you don't have for her!!