Sunday, February 17, 2008

The latest and greatest......

Ok, so I haven't been able to post in a while because it's been a little crazy around here. Compared to how it's normally calm and peaceful. Yeah, right, like I can fool anyone with that!

So, lets see- what's been going on lately?

Friday was Alec's 8th birthday (Happy Birthday, Alec!!) and we had his party yesterday. Pretty much the last time we have a birthday party at our house, those kids were crazy! I'm boycotting goody bags (I know I'm not the only mom with kids that need NO MORE pencils, cheap candy, even cheaper toys...) so I had a great idea- lets have a craft! So off to the store and home again with foam visors, paint markers, and foam letters and ocean-y shapes. It sounded cute, sounded like something that'd take up about half the 2-hour party, the last hour saved for cake and presents. It lasted 15 minutes, tops. Only the girls took any time to make theirs pretty, the boys slapped a fish on theirs, wrote their name on with the markers and then resumed their lap-running and screaming through the house. Oh well.

I worked! A JOB, even! I was hired with a major florist to be a home agent for Valentines week. How bad could it be- work from home, on the computer, in my sweats! It was CRAZY! I had less than one second between calls! And let me tell you- people spend a LOT of money on flowers! It was fun, though, the flowers they have on their website are unbelievably beautiful and I got to talk to a lot of really neat people. I sent arrangements to France and South America and all over the country, "met" lots of really nice co-workers, helped lots of men come up with something sweet and gushy and romantic for their cards! I was amazed, though, how nasty people can be! I had several calls (on Valentine's Day morning, no less) for flowers to be sent to areas where our local florists were no longer accepting more orders, they were overbooked. This is my fault how?? It was very hard not to point out the customer's fault in the problem, but I kinda figured that would be frowned upon by my employers.

Then the flu hit. Hard. Everybody ended up with horrible, high fevers, LOTS of snot and coughing, it's been very pleasant around here! So far we're all almost over it, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Jamie has been hosing down everthing that'll stand still with Lysol, at least it smells 'clothesline fresh' around here! The house is an absolute disaster, too- the best we've been able to keep up with is laundry, but it's all laying on the couch (mostly folded) and there are toys and junk laying around everywhere! I try not to care, but you know....

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The Pickens' Family said...

I can't beleive Alex is already 8. Ashlee's birthday is right around the corner. Glad you all are over the flu. Katherine was the only one who got the flu. Of course it came before Spring Break so she missed 2 weeks of school. Lucky Duck!