Sunday, August 10, 2008

FINALLY! (aka It's About Time OR The End Is In Sight!!!)

So I'm FINALLY starting the last phase of nursing school- clinicals!!! The wait list at every college I've heard of is extremely long, so I've been on a waiting list this whole time. I was #96 on the list for ADN clinicals and rumor has it they take 100 students every fall, so presumably I was in, right? Nope.

At the end of the spring semester I went ahead and put myself on the LPN waiting list as well, so that hopefully I'd be starting one of the two programs this fall. I got accepted to start the LPN program about a week after I added myself, so I knew I'd be starting at least that, but I really wanted to start the ADN program so that I'd be that much closer to being done.

They sent out acceptance letters in rounds, and I knew I was getting close but wasn't getting in. I made arrangements for Kate and registered for LPN classes and had pretty much give up on getting into ADN clinicals this fall, then TA DA!! I got in!!!

So now I'm taking classes Mondays and Tuesdays, a lab on Wednesdays, off on Thursdays, and working in a nursing home one city up on Fridays! I have a good friend in at least one of the classes with me, so that'll be even better!

So stay healthy, everyone, I'm almost ready to be your nurse!

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